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School Management Committees

School Management Committees are formed in every main and functional school for better management of the institution through community participation and shared accountability for the education development. SMC is comprised of two bodies, General and Executive. The Executive body has 5 members elected from the community and school; these include General Secretary (Head Master), Chair Person (Parent) along with other three members (Parents/Guardians of enrolled children). The General body includes all the parents/guardians of all the enrolled students.

The SMCs are given funds annually on the basis of Classroom – Student Ratio (CSR). The SMC fund can be used in minor repair and maintenance of the school. These funds are given in order to mobilize the community to take the responsibility school improvement and monitoring so that there is increased accountability on the side of the School Administration this will include attendance of the students, punctuality of teachers and their quality teaching/learning.

Prescribed Form

SMC Grants will be given only to those schools who will fill a prescribed form and provide supporting documents. Please find here the Prescribed format for application of SMC Grant.Download Prescribed Form Here.



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