TED Overview

Chief Minster Sindh approved a summary titled Teacher Education & Development Policy 2009 to elevate the standard of education and to bring reforms in the area of Training both Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

TED Reform Agenda

  • Introduction of Professional Standards and Competencies for teachers
  • Introduction of Standards based Diploma to replace CT, PTC
  • Establishment of Sindh Teacher Education and Development Authority
  • Introduction of CPD Accreditation Criteria
  • Specification of roles and responsibilities of PITE and BoC


Targets Achieved

  • National Professional Teachers Standards developed and approved for piloting.
  • Associate Degree in Education ADE being piloted in November 2010 replacing CT, PTC.
  • Sindh Teacher Education Development Authority STEDA-a coordination body for TED established.
  • CPD Accreditation criteria developed and piloted.
  • PITE has been assigned the task of managing Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).
BoC will be specified to, Curriculum, Assessment and Research
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