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The essence of policy formulation is embedded in scientifically analyzed credible data. Education sector is especially more sensitive being the cutting edge of human resource development. Despite infusion of huge amount of money, the improvement/progress in the vital education indicators is not possible with unreliable or incorrect data. Unavailability of all the links/ parts of this puzzle would not let enforcement or conceptualization of proper planning. This range from the enrollment , number of schools, their proximity, their functional status, population of area, number of private school in area, economic status, missing facilities, number, qualification and presence of teachers etc. Since the data is dynamic and not a static phenomenon, it requires to be updated regularly.

The Education Department is conducting the school census on annual basis to capture a school profile of all Govt. Schools in Sindh. The School Census provides a detail of enrollment, infrastructure, teachers as well as other information about the school.

In order to achieve  objective of provision of dynamic and reliable data, RSU has improved upon the scope, methodology and implementation of school census 2008-09 by providing technical inputs in data collection form , training of concerned personnel and scientifically validating the collected data etc.The School Census 2008-09 was completed inMarch 2008 .

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