In order to support improvements in learning quality, mathematics (2009) and language (2010) surveys have been undertaken by PEACE, with the support of the Reform Support Unit, Education & Literacy Department, Sindh to provide educational decision makers with systematic information about the status of students' mathematics and language learning and the extent to which they attain pre-defined standards and competencies as identified in the National Curriculum 2006. It will enable the Sindh Government to identify its needs for focused interventions for the improvement of teaching, students' learning and their learning environment.

Sindh Province Grade 4 Mathematics and Language Assessments are a provincially representative and continuing assessment of what Sindh Province students know and can do in various aspects of Mathematics (Number, Measurement and Geometry) and Language (Reading Comprehension and Writing). The first mathematics Provincial Assessment was conducted in all the districts of Sindh in 4333 schools (Primary Sample Units) and with 28, 684 students. The first Language Provincial Assessment was conducted in all the districts of Sindh in 3777 schools (Primary Sample Units) and with 28,672 students who answered 61,554 tests. The assessments are diagnostic in nature. They ask students questions according to the competencies (skills) they should achieve according to the requirements of the National Curriculum.

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