ASC 2013-2014 Press Release


The Reform Support Unit, Education & Literacy Department has initiated the 23rd Annual School Census (ASC) activities for academic year 2013-14. The reference date for the census is October 31, 2013. This year, ASC activity will be carried out in three districts (i- Shaheed Benazirabad, ii-Badin and iii- Karachi) by the third party while in remaining 20 districts norms, process and procedures of census activity of previous years will continue. However, in all 23 districts overall responsibility of census will be with RSU-SEMIS and district education administration.


Last date of data collection 20th November 2013

Last Date of District Level Data Entry of all forms by 12th December 2013.

Last Date of Data Cleaning at District Level 26th December 2013.

Last Date of Data Cleaning at provincial Level 13th January 2013.

Last Date of First Draft Report 23rd January 2013.

Note: if any query please call to 021-32775772 in Office Hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Press Release: ASC 2013-14 Press Release

General Instructions for candidates for positions of Primary/
Junior / High School Teachers


It has been observed that there are certain candidates who are continuously visiting different offices, including RSU for redressal of their grievances. Most of them are registering their complaints regarding change in their UCs / entry of out side candidates, fluctuation in vacancy positions etc. In this regard it is to update you as follows;

1. The Education Department / DEOs have no authority to make changes in need based vacancy positions because it has been locked by the World Bank, and are available at RSU website since long. Only the Bank is empowered to propose changes, if necessary.

2. The DRC will determine the UC of the candidate. The committee will use concrete evidence including NADRA record as mentioned in the CNIC (Permanent Address).

3. District Recruitment Committee will examine the academic and professional documents of the candidates and will have the power to proposed amendment in the merit lists based on the findings of the review process. District Recruitment Committee will notify the reasons of the amendments of the merit list to the candidates concerned and to Reform Support Unit with justification.

4. The merit list prepared by DEO is not final.

5. The DRC is also empowered to entertain the complaints of aggrieved candidates and decide matter in light of solid evidences / proofs.

6. The RSU will examine recommendations / decision of DRC , and will sent it to World Bank for further scrutiny and matching it with locked data (agreed need base vacancies). However, the decision of DRC could be challenged in ELD / RSU.

7. The Decision of Secretary /CPM will be forwarded to World Bank for concurrence / approval.

8. The DEO has no authority to issue any offer or appointment orders if the DRC recommendations are not approved by the RSU/ Education & Literacy Department and the World Bank.

9. All information regarding recruitment process has been posted at RSU website The candidates are advised to visit it on regular basis to know updated position regarding the process, rather visiting different offices, including office of Secretary Education / RSU.

10. The candidates are requested to follow the procedure and avoid making unnecessary hue and cry engaging department in unnecessary activities, which creates hindrance to expedite the recruitment process.

Chief Program Manager

Expression of Interest for Stipend

An Expression of Interest for Stipend is placed here inviting expressions from interested firms: EOI Stipend

Press Release For Teacher Recruitment Process

A Press Release has been issued for clarification of fake news regarding the Teacher Recruitment Process which can be downloaded here: Press Release

Draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EA-II) & Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF-II)

A draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EA-II) & Environmental and Social Manegement Framework (ESMF-II) for SERP - II is shared. It is draft and only to be used for public consultations purposes.

JST Result announced

JST Result has been announced by NTS you can check your result on the following link: link to JST Result.

HST Result announced

HST Result has been announced by NTS you can check your result on the following link: link to HST Result.

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