The establishment of Reform Support Unit was conceptualized as a means to build the institutional capability of the Department of Education. The very rationale of this program is to streamline existing edifice of education delivery and provide policy inputs for future advancement of education growth both in terms of access and quality.

The institutional structure of RSU comprises of three wings; policy wing; monitoring and evaluation wing; and EMIS wing. The policy wing is envisaged to provide inputs for policy formulation and develop institutional memory of the department. The monitoring & evaluation is there to develop reporting mechanisms as well as do evaluation of different interventions of department of education. The results of these evaluation will be ploughed back into policy. The existing structure of Sindh Education Management System has been made an integral part of the RSU as a first step to have a reliable and timely data for further policy formulation.

The RSU is also envisioned as a forum to provide a platform for donor coordination as a measure to synchronize different donor's resources and efforts in a consolidated vision of educational excellence.

Draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EA-II) & Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF-II)

A draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EA-II) & Environmental and Social Manegement Framework (ESMF-II) for SERP - II is shared. It is draft and only to be used for public consultations purposes.